Dr. Jenn

Attractor Factor Quiz

How long until you find The One?


Are you powerfully attracting the perfect partner you long for, easily and effortlessly, with grace and charm?

Or, like most singles, do you only attract one dud, loser, or dead-end relationship after another?!

If so, your soulmate magnet is seriously underpowered!

Let me share this Soulmate Secret:

If you haven’t found your soulmate by
now, it’s because one or more of your

Attractor Factors is critically out of WHACK.

And definitely not drawing in the love you deserve!

Fortunate for you, you can find out right now which Attractor Factor is blocking you from finding true love!

Your 3 Attractor Factors:

- Emotions
- Actions

Together, these factors power your Soulmate Magnet and determine how well- and how quickly- you can attract the person you deserve.

In other words, when you embrace “attractive” ideas, emotions, and behaviors- you’ll soon attract a great partner.

The quiz items gauge how positive your typical thoughts, feelings, and actions are. So, let’s see how powerful your Soulmate Magnet is.

Then I’ll let you in on some more savvy secrets to help you super-charge your soulmate magnet.

Finally you can begin attracting the partner you’ve been waiting for!


*Take the Quiz Now*

Please respond True or False, for how you think, feel, and
behave most of the time. If you have trouble deciding, ask:
Does this describe me more than 75% of the time?
If so, answer True.

Attractor Factor 1: Your Attitudes


____ I’m 100% convinced that the perfect partner for me is out there and I’ll find them soon.

____ I have all of the time, energy, and ingenuity I need to find someone.

____ I love the person I am and someone is going to fall in love with me, just the way I am!

____ Of course I deserve an amazing, fulfilling relationship that lasts a lifetime!

____ I often meet a lot of great people, they just aren’t quite the right person for me.

_____ Total Number of ATTITUDE True Answers

See below to discover how powerful your Attitude Magnet is!


How Strong is Your Attitude Magnet?

If you have 0-2 True answers, your Attitude Magnet is WEAK.

Ouch- you’ve developed some habitual ways of thinking that are really standing in your way of finding True Love. But you’re in good company- many singles have thought patterns that sabotage their chances of creating happy love that lasts.

The good news? Success is only a NEW thought away! And YOU always have the choice between thinking thoughts that ATTRACT love, and focusing on ideas that REPEL love.

If you have 3-4 True answers, your Attitude Magnet is MODERATE.

You’re doing a pretty good job of nurturing thoughts that help you to attract decent partners.
Lucky for you, some simple, mindful changes can take you from mediocre love to soulmate love in a jiffy!

If you have 5 True answers, your Attitude Magnet is SUPER CHARGED!

Congratulations! You’ve developed positive patterns of thought that truly support healthy lasting love. You attract partners who treat you well, but you just haven’t found the perfect one yet. With some minor tweaks your soulmate will be just around the corner!

Next, see how strong your EMOTION Magnet is.

Attractor Factor 2: Your Emotions


____ I feel like I am powerfully in control of my love life.

____ Every day I practice feeling loving towards every one in my life.

____ I’ve made it a habit to appreciate lots of things in my life all the time, even little things.

____ I feel happy and optimistic, about the present and the future, more often than not.

____ I eagerly anticipate the adventures the day will bring.

_____ Total Number of EMOTION True Answers

See below to discover how powerful your Emotion Magnet is!


How Strong is your Emotion Magnet?

If you have 0-2 True answers, your Emotion Magnet is WEAK.

Yikes. You’re living in the blah land of hum-drum life. Events can easily throw you into a downward spiral. You might feel like giving up on love. The happy news is that feelings are a habit that can be changed. Now’s the perfect time to shift into a spiral of uplifting, magnetic emotion!

If you have 3-4 True answers, your Emotion Magnet is MODERATE.

You do a decent job of regulating your emotional life, however, you could take more control. Since feelings are the strongest part of your soulmate magnet, it’s time to maximize your good feelings so your soulmate will show up much more quickly.

If you have 5 True answers , your Emotion Magnet is SUPER CHARGED!

Right on! You’ve learned the art of mastering your emotions! It’s this kind of uplifting vibe that acts like a massive magnet, drawing in daily mini-miracles. Add some simple tools to boost your upbeat nature, and true love will be yours.

Next, see how strong your ACTION Magnet is.


Attractor Factor 3: Your Actions


____ It’s easy for me to know my authentic truth and speak it.

____ I’m often taking positive actions towards my goal of finding love.

____ I don’t let disappointment, rejection, or frustration stop me, I stay in the game.

____ I’m pretty good at knowing the best decision or action to get me where I want to go.

____ I’m willing to take risks or step out of my comfort zone to reach toward what I want.

_____ Total Number of ACTION True Answers

See below to discover how powerful your ACTION Magnet is!


How Strong is Your Action Magnet?

If you have 0-2 True answers, your Action Magnet is WEAK.

Bummer, no matter how much you want love, your actions are really NOT moving you toward love. Maybe you’re stuck in a rut or feel helpless about finding love. You just don’t know what more to do. Thankfully, actions are the quickest and easiest thing to shift. Try out some new behaviors, and your love life will be back in the fast lane.

If you have 3-4 True answers, your Action Magnet is MODERATE.

Good for you, you’ve structured your life in such a way that your behaviors, support your ability to find love. Action creates motion that attracts love- so you’re on the right track. But there are things you could add that would triple your attraction power, any time you choose. By playing with some fun new actions, your love life will be top notch!

If you have 5 True answers, your Action Magnet is SUPER CHARGED!

Man, you’ve got this action thing down pat! Congratulations for following up your positive beliefs with supportive action. When snags arrive, you handle them with grace, not getting side-tracked for too long. That’s the ticket to staying on track to creating real love. Discover some creative ways to show off the best of who you are, and soon love will arrive.


So, how long will it be until you attract true love?

If your attitude, emotion, and action magnets were mostly WEAK, it could be 2-3 years before your perfect partner enters your life, if at all.

If your attitude, emotion, and action magnets were mostly MODERATE, it could be 1-2 years before your perfect partner arrives.

If your attitude, emotion, and action magnets were mostly SUPER-CHARGED, it'll probably be 3-6 months before your perfect partner shows up, ready for an amazing relationship.

But Why Wait that Long?
You Could Dramatically Shorten the Time
Until you Have the Love of your Life
in your Arms!


So, how did you do?
Better or worse than you thought?

The important thing to realize is that no matter how strong or weak your magnet is now, shifting your Attitudes, Emotions, and Actions to be in alignment with your Vision of Love, will create a cascade of effects that will indeed, attract your perfect partner.

Review your results and be honest with yourself.

Are you ready to shift your Thoughts?
Are you prepared to alter your Emotions?
Are you willing to change your Actions?

If so, I guarantee that Real, Lasting Love is out there waiting for you, right now!
Why wait longer than you have to?!

You could be enjoying the love of a lifetime- sooner than you thought possible!.

The Only Question Left Is:

Are you committed to making
a positive shift, right now,
so you can find your perfect partner,
more quickly?

Once you commit, I KNOW it’s only a simple Matter of Sweet Time until you’re basking in your lover’s arms, happier than you ever hoped you could be.

I know, because it happened for me!

So, if you'd like to join me in hanging around in the arms of your beloved, more blissful than you thought possible, I invite you to commit to powering up your own Soulmate Magnet by shifting your attitudes, emotions, and actions- starting today.

Are you ready to start attracting the love of your life-
quickly & easily?
Let me show you how.

YES! I'm ready, Let's GO!