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Mastering the Laws of Attraction
Attracting your Perfect Partner with the
Soulmate Magnet Method

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"I wish I had this information before I married
my ex- husband! Then maybe I wouldn't be divorced!"
~ Barbara

Finally an Entirely Fresh Approach to Dating
that Virtually Guarantees Success,
Quickly & Easily, in Record Time,
while also Dramatically Improving
EVERY Area of Your Life!

Have you ever felt so disappointed, frustrated, confused or worn down by failed dating attempts that you were just about to give up on finding true love?

I know you have.

Because everybody has, at one point or another.

You’re not alone! In fact, I was once like you.

This happens to SO many singles because the typical way of approaching dating these days simply does not work.

In fact, most people have a mindset that is in direct opposition to finding true love!

You may want love, but your
attitudes, emotions, and actions,
just don’t attract love.

If that’s true for you, you’ll be waiting an awful long time for real love to arrive.

But finding your perfect partner doesn’t have to be this way! And it shouldn’t take forever, either.

The path leading to The One should be a
joyful journey filled with exciting adventures, insightful learning, and one celebration after another.

Are You Ready to Abandon the Old, Worn-Out,
and Ineffective Ways of Dating?

Then I invite you to ditch those dead-end relationships once and for all and
embark with us on a fun, playful new avenue leading to what matters most of all:
Real love that Lasts.

JOIN US to redesign your love life, from top to bottom, with this powerful, life-transforming Coaching E-Course, that will teach you everything you need to know to attract the love you’ve been waiting for.

Wait for love no more!
Empower yourself all the way to love
by joining us for this powerful process.

Our Flagship, Foundational Coaching E-Course
Mastering the Laws of Attraction:
Attracting your Perfect Partner
with the Soulmate Magnet Method


"If you're single, you need this information!
I thought I had heard it all. But Dr. Jenn’s
approach is refreshing, empowering, and enlightening."
~ Martha


In this innovative 20-Lesson Coaching E-Course, you’ll get the inside scoop on how to use the laws of attraction to find your ideal partner, so you can build the love you’ve always dreamed of, quickly and easily.

We Take The Guess Work OUT of Dating!

Made popular by the movie, The Secret, and the Abraham-Hicks books & teachings, the Laws of Attraction have worked for centuries, capable of drawing success to you in every area of your life.

With the Laws of Attraction in your court, you will act like a powerful magnet, drawing your soulmate to you, much more quickly.

IMAGINE Becoming a Massive Love Magnet!

By applying these weekly lessons in your life, day by day, you’ll be literally stepping into your Best Self, which will allow you to attract your Perfect Partner, easily and effortlessly.

Soulmate Secret

Stepping into your Best Self attracts your Perfect Partner, Naturally & Automatically

This course is all about learning how to put into action the powerful Soulmate Magnet Equation.

Soulmate Magnet Equation

Empowering Thoughts create
Uplifting Emotions which lead to
Inspired Actions which equals
Soulmate Success

Once you incorportate this into your life, every area of your life will transform and you’ll begin attracting success, in every arena- including love.

Stop Everything that isn’t Working.
Start Applying these Powerfully Effective Principles NOW.
It's the only way to get on the Fast Track to finding true love in record time!

The course is divided into 3 powerful sections, where you’ll discover innovative tools, techniques, and insights to transform your attraction, powering up your soulmate magnet- quickly.

Here are your 3 Attraction Boosting Modules:

Embody the Vision Shift System – Embrace an entirely new perspective on dating that will keep you powerfully upbeat, enthusiastic, and inspired about staying on track to finding The One in record time.

Apply the Soulmate Magnet Method – Learn to apply the laws of attraction in your daily life to ensure attraction success- quickly and easily.

Internalize the Positive Alignment Process- Fine tune your ability to stay in the Great Feeling Space of Positive Possibilities, every day- which creates massive magneticism, drawing real, lasting love directly to you!

Here’s just some of the profound attraction tools you'll discover that will lead you to your soulmate.

Attraction Boosting Tools & Techniques You'll Acquire

- A brand new way to view dating that will permanently remove all disappointment, pain, and frustration from your love life.

- The one central principle that will set you free to transform your love life from boring, frustrating, or painful into a truly exciting, enjoyable adventure.

- An innovative tool to look at past relationships which will release you from painful regret, longing, or unforgiveness.

- A powerful process to let go of old flames, the ones that got away, and ex relationships, erasing old mistakes forever.

- The one critical skill that will turn your daily life into a Love University, bringing you every insight you’ll ever need to create awesome love.

- 4 brilliant sentences that will free you from every disheartening situation, turning everything into a blessing.

- The singular lightening-fast solution to make even the suckiest date- great.

- What no body ever tells you about how to create a “mate attracting list” that actually works for you, not against you.

- Exactly where your point of attraction is and how to maximize it.

- How to organize powerful space in your home that supports your efforts at attraction.

- How to create an inspiring intention that actually works to draw love to you.

- Why your current affirmations don’t work for you and the 4 secret keys to making them work overtime for your success.

- The one can’t-do-without exercise that will sky rocket your ability to attract exactly what you want and deserve in love.

- Simple tricks to super-power your ability to use visualization to create massive, specialized attraction.

- Ways to maximize your use of visual objects to stay in your attraction point, all the time, attracting everywhere you go!

- Why the law of attraction hasn’t been working for you up till now and how to ensure that it works outrageoulsy from now on.

- How to feel better about anything, quickly so you stay in attraction mode from sun up to sun down.

- The ways you didn’t even realize that limiting beliefs are holding you back from love and how to melt them fast.

- The one critical thing you’re not doing now that could instantly triple your attractiveness to just the person you desire most.

- How to always have the answer to the question: What do I do next to draw in the love I want now?!

- Powerful tools to tune into your deepest truth and share it with anyone, any time, so you attract an authentic connection that lasts.

- The most simple, profound secret to getting more love than you ever thought possible, now!

- The massive mistake you’re making that’s keeping your perfect partner from showing up, and how to correct it to invite them into your life.


BONUS! Using these Tips, Tools & Techniques are guarenteed,
not only to attract genuine love into your life,
but also to improve your health, wealth, wellbeing, career performance,
and relationships with family, friends, & co-workers too!

Can you see why this course is a must have for all singles who are serious about attracting real love that lasts, plus ready to create the whole life of their dreams?!

You need this course if you are single and
really ready to end
dissatisfying, go-nowhere relationships that repeat the mistakes from the past.

Finally you can enjoy the love you've always desired,
and quite frankly you've waited too long for already!


You should also know that Coaching E-Courses are the BESY WAY to ensure that you make real change that lasts and create dramatic, positive effects in your love life.

In fact, if you want to completely change your love life from where it is now, to where you want it to be, there is no better choice than a Coaching E-Course- because, they work, HANDS DOWN, far better than other forms of self-growth.

Want to see all of the powerful, effective, unique and exclusive benefits offered by the Coaching E-Course Format?

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How the Course Works

Once a week for 20 weeks, you'll receive a Lesson in your emailbox, with exciting and transformational concepts, tools, and techiniques for you to begin to apply to your life, right now, to attract real love that lasts.

Each lesson is easy to digest, with practical tools to use today.

And you'll have an Action Plan, with your weekly Play-ssignments. When you play with these concepts and make them a part of your life, you'll be attracting love to your life, quick as a snap.

Convienent, Easy to Digest, Nuggests of Wisdom to Act On NOW

You get to choose how to learn!

Learning Options

- Download and read the lesson on your computer
- Print the lesson out and create a workbook
- Download the AUDIO to listen whereever you choose- even in your car on the way to work!

Keeping You On Track to Outrageous Love that Lasts!

Then after you've had a few days to digest your lesson, I'll check back in with you and see how it's going as you apply the lesson to your life.

This sort of Check-In, keeps you focused and on track to finding love. It's like having an accountability partner, one who cares that you actually attract love this year!

This is why Coaching E-Courses actually
WORK because when you *maintain*
Intention, laser-like Attention, and inspired Action, you will succeed in creating your vision of love.

That's the System to Soulmate Love!

Over time, as you contiunue to implement these innovative tools and ideas, your entire life will transform before your eyes and soon, you'll be enjoying the relationship of your lifetime!

Why didn’t my therapist tell me this!
I’ve had tons of therapy for relationship
issues over the years, and this information was, by far, more helpful!” ~ Theresa


Your Investment

To make True Love affordable for everybody who is serious about finding the perfect partner, we've priced this course for EXTREME VALUE!

Dating coaches rountinely charge $400-$1000 a MONTH! Who can afford that?

That's why we've made this totally reachable for everyone.

At $19.95 a month, finding real love won't rob the bank. And it shouldn't right?

If you are sick of being single,
you can't afford to stay stuck where you are.
You NEED to take inspired action that
will direct you to your Perfect Partner!

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The first 500 subscribers of this New Course get the special benefit of personal guidance from Dr. Jenn.

Once a month, you get to email me with 1 personal question you have about your dating life, so I can help YOU solve whatever current dating issue has arisen for you.

YES! I want to find my Perfect Partner!

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No-Risk Guarentee

I'm commited to YOU finding true love.

So if you aren't delighted with the unqiue, powerful tools you learn during our time together, you can get a FULL REFUND, no questions asked!
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