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My Progress is Astounding!

I've made more progress in only 2 sessions with Dr. Jenn than I did in a year of traditional therapy!

I'm so grateful I've found her. She's a life changer.
I tell all of my friends they need to work with her!

~ Lauren P.

Dr. Jenn is Wonderful!

Dr. Jenn gives me so much support, encouragement, and insight, by phone and email, that I feel incredibly lucky to be work with her.

The work we've done has given me insights into decades of bad relationship patterns that I could finally confront, accept, and let go of.

As we work together, I am so excited to move forward into a better, more loving way in the world, and to meeting a man and starting the relationship I've always desired.

~ Jenny M.

Are you truly serious about finding your soulmate? Do you want it to happen soon?

Let's be honest, you wanted it to happen yesterday, didn't you?!

If so, you may be the kind of person who benefits from intensive, one-on-one guidance so you can make the most of every step of your journey, transforming a long, arduous trip, into a much shorter and more enjoyable one.

Let's see if this sounds like you:

- You are ready, in fact, eager for change.

- You can imagine how truly wonderful it will be to find an amazing partner, one who lights you up from the inside out.

- You are excited to get started.

- You are prepared to stick to it and follow through.

- You are willing to do whatever it takes to create a lasting love.

If this describes you, I invite you to consider personal dating coaching.

Individualizing the Soulmate Solution System just for you, one-on-one coaching includes:

- 2, 1 hour phone coaching sessions per month

- Unlimited email support

- Free access to ANY or ALL of our Coaching E-Courses!

Dr. Jenn is a dazzling example of
pure human and divine spirit. I feel blessed to have been witness to and receiver of her generosity.

~ James N.

Thank you Dr. Jenn!
You've far exceeded my expectations.
I can't believe the transformations
I've experienced in such a short time!

~ Sarah H.

Your monthly Investment: only $250!!!

Dr. Jenn has very few personal coaching slots available. She works with only highly motivated singles who are ready to take action to turn their visions of real love into reality. A minimum 3 month commitment is required.

Email to set up a free consultation to see if Stratospheric Soulmate Success coaching is right for you: drjenn@mysoulmatesolution.com.

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