Why Coaching E-Courses are your
Best Choice for Real Results that Last!


I’m a clinical psychologist. I’ve spent my whole life dedicated to helping people shift love-sucking patterns into love-making habits.

That means I've trained in helping people make change that lasts, change that creates results they can actually see and FEEL in their lives.

Through years of education aand experience helping singles just like you, here’s what I’ve discovered.

Attraction Fact

Deep, Lasting Change only takes Place
with Repeated Shifting of
Intention, Attention, & Action,
over Time.

If you keep your Intention clear, your Attention focused, and your Actions powerful then success is assured- love will be yours- lickety-split!

But, like it or not, the vast majority of people need ongoing guidance, coaching support, and motivation boosting to stay on track to real, lasting change in love.

That’s not bad- it’s just a fact. We’re human.

So, rather than ignore it, pretend it's not true, or work against it, it’s best to work with the facts and make them work for you.

That’s why I’ve bypassed traditional information products, such as e-books or self-help books (except in certain cases such as Breaking Up or Internet Dating, when you need all the info fast!), which might be interesting to read, but which don’t really work, because you never truly apply them to your life.

Instead, I created a form of change that will actually WORK FOR YOU:
Coaching E-Courses.

Why Coaching Courses ROCK

Coaching courses are far superior to other forms of learning, So if you are serious about finding real love, then you might as well spend your precious time, effort, and money on something that will actually work.

Here’s why.

*SUPER-SIZED Benefits of Coaching E-Courses*

Benefit #1
Bite-Sized, Inspiring Weekly Lessons mean You Actually Go Beyond Learning the Material,
and Internalize it for Immediate Success - Once a week, you’ll receive a lesson & activity in your in-box. It will be powerful, but short & sweet, so you can start using it right away in your life. Pretty soon, your new habit will become automatic, naturally creating waves of transformation for your love life.

Benefit #2
Time for Effective Application Means You Actually Apply
the lesson to your life and see change blossom, starting NOW. When you learn just a little nugget at a time, you don’t feel overwhelmed. Your next step is crystal clear- so you actually take it. And little steps of inspired change taken daily, soon amount to some huge love successes!

Benefit #3
Exercises that help you Experience Shifts
(not just think about information) mean that you transform on the cellular level- the most powerful way to create true, lasting, change that STICKS. You can learn new info all day, but it won’t change one tiny thing in your life- that is, until you use it. Once you have a brand new experience, your body, heart, and mind begin to shift for good. In fact, experiencing something for yourself, in action, is the only way true transformation can take place.

Benefit #4
Frequent Touching Base Puts You On the Fast-Track
to finding soulmate love in record time. Sometimes singles get so busy that it’s hard to stay focused even with a weekly lesson! That’s why we always check back in with you during the week to see how you’re progressing with your experience. By supporting your love intention and attention in this way, we boost how often you take powerful action toward your vision of love.

Benefit #5
Fresh Perspectives Keep You Enthusiastic, upbeat, and motivated so you attract love quickly and easily. Because let’s face it, when dating it’s easy to become disappointed, discouraged, or disgruntled. But those feelings can result in giving up on finding love. By continually receiving positive, innovative ways to move forward, your soulmate search is going to be successful much sooner.

Benefit #6
Flexible Learning Options, makes transformation convenient, easy, and fun. Plus, you get to choose how you absorb information best! Learn your lessons by reading them on your computer, printing them out, or even by listening to the Audio recording, any time you choose. That means you can fit learning into your busy schedule easily- even while driving to work!

Benefit #7
Personal Feedback to Solve Your Every Dating Dilemma
, allows you to receive individualized guidance to any dating issue that crops up. When you choose to add this option to your coaching course, you get to email Dr. Jenn with any dating question you have, so you can get personal advice for your own situation. Never go at it alone again- we’ve got your back!

The proven benefits of consistent, supported learning over time are almost innumerable, so I could go on with the research, but I don’t want to bore you.

If you are serious about attracting a wonderful partner to create a gorgeous love- then rest assured that we have a Coaching Course to make every stage of your Dating Process fun and fruitful- and a total, mind-blowing success.

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